creating a business plan for a start-upcreating a business plan for a start-up

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creating a business plan for a start-up

Having worked at the same company for fifteen years, I pictured myself farther along than I was the day that I quit. Why did I quit? Well, I quit because I was constantly being passed up for promotions as they were given to newer, younger employees. I finally had enough, quit my job and started a business of my own. How did I do that without going bankrupt in the process? I had a plan! I took a long time to plan the exit strategy as well as how I was going to start a successful business without losing everything.

Six Factors That Make Hiring A Janitorial Cleaning Service A Great Idea

It's important for business owners to understand all of the ways hiring janitorial cleaning services can benefit their company and their staff. The following are six factors that make hiring a janitorial cleaning service a great idea.  Professional janitorial cleaning services can get your facilities cleaner than you can. Keeping your facilities clean is important for many reasons. The major reason why clean facilities are important is that your customers and partners will want and expect clean facilities. Read More 

Six Things That Make Copper Recycling A Great Idea

If you have scrap copper available from an old appliance or another item on your property, you should definitely consider recycling your copper. Recycling copper has many benefits for you and your community. The following are six things that make copper recycling a great idea.  Recycled copper has many uses Copper should always be recycled because it is valuable as a resource and has so many practical uses. Copper can be recycled and used in producing many industrial products. Read More 

4 Ways Student Apartments Rise Above Living On Campus

Are you a college student who is weighing your options about housing? Perhaps you have experienced living in a dorm and do not enjoy the environment. If so, you are like many other college students who do not desire to live on campus. Thankfully, most college towns boast student apartments for rent to fill the needs of individuals like you. Sometimes there are smaller cities on the outskirts of the cities where colleges are located that offer affordable rent options to students. Read More 

4 Benefits Of Working With A Bail Bonding Company

If you have someone in your life who was arrested and wants you to help get them out of jail, you will want to work with a bail bonding company, which can offer you many benefits. Warrant Check Even though your loved one was already arrested, it can still be useful to have the bail company run a warrant check. A warrant check will allow you to see if there are any other outstanding warrants or charges that your loved one faces. Read More 

Efficiently Supplying And Installing Security Systems For Your Clients

For professionals that oversee the installation of security alarm systems for their clients, it can be imperative to have access to a reliable supplier. Otherwise, they could find themselves struggling to meet the needs of their clients. Luckily, you can find a Honeywell alarm system supplier that will be able to provide licensed installers with the systems that they are needing. Keep The Costs of the Alarms as Low as Possible Read More