creating a business plan for a start-upcreating a business plan for a start-up

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creating a business plan for a start-up

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4 Tips For Creating Quality Craft Beer Labels

If you are a craft beer brewer, creating quality custom labels can add the finishing touch to your product and help it stand out among the many other craft beers available. Designing custom labels is a daunting task for many who are just starting out in the craft beer world, but it is easy to accomplish with a bit of research and creativity. Here are four tips to help you on your way to creating artful, eye-catching beer labels.

Create Unique Branding

The first step in creating an attractive beer label is coming up with unique branding for your beer. While some brewers use a single brand name for all of their beers, you may also choose to use unique branding for each brew. Whatever branding you use, make sure that you can come up with matching graphics that will create a complete brand image.

When creating a unique brand for your beer, you should never forget about seasonal pairings. Using the theme of the season that each brew pairs best with is a great way to brainstorm names and graphics for your label. To further customize the branding and labels for each beer, you can add design elements that depict the style of the brew, incorporate pop culture references into your graphics, or make an homage to the past with traditional saloon imagery and vintage fonts.

Choose Your Label Material

Once you have created and downloaded your final design, it is time to decide what material you will be using to apply them to your bottles. White gloss inkjet labels are one of the most popular options, as they are the best material for high-resolution images and designs.

If you want a more waterproof label, you may want to consider using metallic foil labels. In addition to giving your bottles a more premium look, they are completely waterproof. You will never have to worry about the labels coming off while the bottles are submerged in a cooler.

Consider Custom Caps And Neck Wraps

You are not confined to the base of the bottle for displaying your brand. Neck wraps and custom bottle caps are an excellent option for making each bottle look like a completed product. If you are especially proud of the design of your glasses or want the color of your beer to be on display, you can even choose to label your bottles using only a neck wrap and custom cap.

If you decide to forgo a full label for a neck wrap and custom cap, it is usually best to avoid using complex pictures or patterns on the neck wrap. Instead, opt for an attractive font and a simple banner background to convey your brand name clearly. Logos, graphics, and emblems would be better suited for the custom cap.

Use A Label Design Website

There are many websites that provide quality craft beer label design tools. The advantage of using a label design website is that most of them offer templates that you can simply load your own images and text into. It is much easier to rely on an established layout and add your own personal touches than to reinvent the wheel by designing the layout yourself. Several websites also offer custom cap and neck wrap services in addition to label templates, allowing you to using a single online resource for all of your design needs.

The labels that you use for your craft beer bottles will make the first impression to potential buyers about the beer's quality. Be sure to put as much care into creating an attractive label as you do into making your beer. For more information, contact a company like Northwest Label.