creating a business plan for a start-upcreating a business plan for a start-up

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creating a business plan for a start-up

Having worked at the same company for fifteen years, I pictured myself farther along than I was the day that I quit. Why did I quit? Well, I quit because I was constantly being passed up for promotions as they were given to newer, younger employees. I finally had enough, quit my job and started a business of my own. How did I do that without going bankrupt in the process? I had a plan! I took a long time to plan the exit strategy as well as how I was going to start a successful business without losing everything.

The Perfect Diamond For Your Engagement Ring: 4 Tips To Follow When Shopping In Pawn Shops

Going into debt from purchasing an overpriced diamond engagement ring is simply not worth it nor is it a practical or economical choice. The average cost of a diamond engagement ring runs between $3,500 and $4,000 — which is a hefty sum to fork out. Instead of getting your engagement ring from high-end jewelry stores, you could get the same quality for less by shopping for the diamond at pawnshops and getting the diamond incorporated into a ring design of your choice later on. If you're shopping at pawnshops, here are 4 tips to keep in mind in order to avoid getting scammed and in order to get a great bargain.

Thoroughly Research the Value of the Diamond Ahead of Time

Go to the pawn shops armed with information regarding the current market value of various cuts and colors of diamonds; the price range of a 1 carat diamond can be anywhere from $3,080 to $26,950 depending on the cut, color, clarity and more. When shopping at a pawnshop, you want to compare the prices that you are being offered with what the market value of the diamond is to avoid being scammed and overpaying. Don't expect to get a great deal just because you are shopping at a pawnshop.

Don't Skip Out on Dusty Showcases and Ugly Rings

Don't skim over the dusty showcases and ugly rings, as dusty showcases may actually contain some of the best deals you will ever find since the rings have been sitting in there for quite some time. In addition, remember that you are purchasing the diamond and not the ring itself. Don't be put off by the design of the ring, as some rings with designs that do not appeal to you may have some of the nicest diamonds set in them. 

Get a Written Guarantee of the Chosen Diamond's Characteristics and Properties

Since there are many imitation gems on the market, you want to make sure that you are getting the real thing. It is crucial that the pawnbrokers put the diamond's characteristics and properties in writing. In particular, you want to make sure that pawnbroker puts in writing that the diamond is genuine and untreated. You also want to look over any previous records of appraisal that the pawnbrokers may have for the diamond.

Bring An Appraiser Along or Have the Diamond Appraised Immediately

Don't wait around to have the diamond appraised after you purchase it. Either bring a diamond appraiser along for the ride or get the diamond to an appraiser immediately after purchasing it in order to verify that the diamond is indeed untreated, genuine and of the color, cut, clarity and carat that has been claimed.

As you will have had these properties guaranteed in writing by the pawnbroker, you should be able to get a refund should the diamond not meet these standards. In addition, don't go to the jewelry appraiser that has been recommended by the pawnbroker — find your own. This is to prevent any unethical practices that may be happening under the table. You should also check to make sure that the appraiser that you have chosen is certified, licensed and also respected in the industry. 

You don't have to mention any of the properties and characteristics of the diamond to the appraiser when you bring it in. See what he or she may say. Your appraiser should be able to quickly determine whether the diamond has been treated.


By purchasing the diamond from a jewelry pawn shop, you could significantly slash the price of your engagement ring without having to compromise on the quality. Once you have purchased the right diamond and got it appraised, you can get the diamond cleaned and set into the ring design that you have chosen.