creating a business plan for a start-upcreating a business plan for a start-up

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creating a business plan for a start-up

Having worked at the same company for fifteen years, I pictured myself farther along than I was the day that I quit. Why did I quit? Well, I quit because I was constantly being passed up for promotions as they were given to newer, younger employees. I finally had enough, quit my job and started a business of my own. How did I do that without going bankrupt in the process? I had a plan! I took a long time to plan the exit strategy as well as how I was going to start a successful business without losing everything.

Chain Link Camouflage: Cover Up That Chain Link Fence With These Tips

When it comes to commercial fencing, one of the most popular options is chain link fence. If you're hesitant to install chain link fence around your property because you don't want to create an industrial-like atmosphere, you're in for a surprise. There are many ways to customize or camouflage a chain link fence and make it a cohesive part of your commercial property. Here are a few tips to give that fence a whole new look without sacrificing your property security in the process.

Buy Some Outdoor Spray Paint

If you've ever painted a room a different color, you know how much of a difference a fresh coat of paint can make. The same can also hold true for a chain link fence, because any paint you apply is going to give the fence a whole new look. Once you've got a good layer of paint on it, seal it with a clear coat once it's dry. That preserves the paint so that it doesn't chip as easy. Just make sure you have some plywood barriers behind the area you're painting, because the plywood will catch any over-spray.

Invest in Privacy Slats

Privacy slats are a great way to completely alter the appearance of a chain link fence. You can find privacy slats in many different materials, colors and patterns. Whether you're looking for something that looks like wooden panels or you want colored vinyl inserts, you can find all kinds of them. You can even choose patterned panels such as bricks or custom designs with your company's logo or brand colors.

Privacy slats are great options for chain link fence, because they don't interfere with the security of the fence. The smooth surface is difficult to scale, and you have the option to only cover one side of the fence, if you prefer. For example, if you only want the outside-facing portion of the fence covered, that's a viable option. You can also create a cohesive look by installing the panels on the inside as well.

Another benefit of privacy slats is that they're really easy to install. The panels interlock, and they slide into a secure channel at the base of the fence. Once they're all attached together, they create a solid barrier that will stay intact and cover the fence.

Turn It Into a Living Fence

If you want to cover your chain link fence in a more natural manner, you can turn it into a living fence. Use it as a support structure for climbing vines or flowering plants, such as honeysuckle, ivy or clematis. These plants will grow rapidly, climbing the chain links with ease. Look for plants that are somewhat forgiving so you don't have to retain a landscaper more often than is necessary.

In addition to climbing plants, you can also reap the benefits of fresh produce while still covering those chain link panels. Plants like berries, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans and squash all grow well in vertical environments, making them great planting options for hiding a fence. Just make sure that any lightweight plants are staked to poles along the fence because they'll need the added support.

Some bean plants as well as any strawberry plants fall under this category and need a bit more help. When you plant things like this and encourage your company cafeteria to use the crops for your food production, you may even gain a great marketing angle to reach a new customer base solely due to your sustainability efforts.

As you can see, chain link fences can be anything but boring, institutionalized structures. With these tips, you can enjoy all of the benefits of chain link fence and still customize its appearance. Talk with your fence installation contractor today about the best options for your property.